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About our local sustainability efforts

Kassel, Germany, 24th of April 2023 SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK, the world’s leading designer and fabricator of heat transfer solutions for high temperature and high-pressure processes with its headquarters in Kassel, is proud to announce their support for the project of a local sports club called “Aeltere Casseler Turngemeinde e.V.” – “SPORT VERNETZT” with a 5-digit annual donation. READ MORE

PGB Transport on its way to Asia

Kassel, Germany, January 17th 2023 The local paper “HNA” recently published an article about the transport of two SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK Process Gas Boilers from Kassel to Asia. SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK delivers enormous Process Gas Boilers for the low-emission methanol production from our manufacturing facility to the plant location in Asia. The route of the transport, each transport weighing over 250 metric tons, leads through the streets of North Hesse to the designated port of loading for its continued journey via ship. READ MORE

Flugbenzin aus Hausmüll

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACKS apperance in the newspaper "HNA - Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine" about circular economy and new perspectives. Only in German available: Kassel - Druck ist für sie nichts Neues. Genauer gesagt: Er ist die Basis ihres Geschäfts. Vor mehr als 110 Jahren gründete der Ingenieur Wilhelm Schmidt in Kassel sein Heißdampf-Gesellschaft, deren Konstruktionen zunächst Lokomotiven auf Effizienz trimmten. Die heute SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK  | Arvos GmbH ist ein international agierender Anlagenbauer, der sich auch in den Geschäftsfeldern Kreislaufwirtschaft und Wasserstofftechnologie etabliert hat. READ MORE

Glad to see you again in person

Kassel, Germany, 18.10.2021 After a challenging time of COVID-19 we are happy to be back to our regular exhibition events and have personal meetings with our clients at different locations. Meeting our valuable customers and partners in person and discuss with them individual customized heat transfer solutions for their processes brings tremendous benefits. Virtual meetings offer an important tool for communications, however complex technical customer specifications and dedicated solutions for it requires a closer dialogue. READ MORE

Culture of Prevention

Kassel, Germany, 27.09.2021 The BGHM (Liability Insurance Association for Wood and Metal) awards the "Clever Fox - Culture of Prevention" Prize to SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK READ MORE