PGB Transport on its way to Asia

Kassel, Germany, January 17th 2023


The local paper “HNA” recently published an article about the transport of two SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK Process Gas Boilers from Kassel to Asia.

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK delivers enormous Process Gas Boilers for the low-emission methanol production from our manufacturing facility to the plant location in Asia.

The route of the transport, each transport weighing over 250 metric tons, leads through the streets of North Hesse to the designated port of loading for its continued journey via ship.



Methanol is an important and versatile building block for the chemical industry, as it is used in the production of numerous items used in daily life like paints, carpets, certain plastics and more.

Worldwide, methanol is gaining innovative uses as well, especially in order to cover the rising energy needs. For example, methanol can be used as fuel for automobiles, trucks, and ships as well as other market uses, as it is low in emissions when converted and relatively easy to transport.

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK’s heat transfer solutions contribute to an especially energy-efficient production of methanol because valuable thermal energy is being recovered during the production process.


Currently, two enormous SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK Process Gas Boilers, weighing 162 metric tons each (the entire convoy is 41 metres long), are being transported from Lohfelden/Kassel, Germany, to a new, highly modern methanol plant in Asia – the plant being one of the largest worldwide.

With these Process Gas Boilers and the subsequent low-emission methanol, the plant contributes to the success of the energy transition.

The locations in Kassel and Lohfelden are essential elements of the global production strategy of SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK.


Because of the dimensions and weight of the Process Gas Boilers, it is important to have a well-maintained infrastructure from production to the port of loading, to ensure a smooth transport.

The share of exports for all SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK products and solutions is over 80% - with deliveries addressed to many internationally operating manufacturers of industrial gases, such as Linde, Air Liquide and Air Products.

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK’s leading driver of innovations is the area of energy transition – providing the energy transfer solutions for the coming decades.


Currently, SCHMIDTSCH SCHACK’s innovation focus is on products for sustainable value-creating processes, which manufacture aviation fuel from landfill waste.