We develop and manufacture the best in class heat transfer solutions.


Partnering with the chemical, petrochemical, refining, metallurgical, and recycling industry, we are always where progress is made, where future is shaped and where growth is expected.


Everyone at SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK is driven by promoting technologies, created to support our clients’ success and advantage.

This advantage – in our eyes – cannot just be measured in dollars, hours and production capacities. We also rate it in optimizing user-safety, reducing the ecological footprint or digitalizing solutions to implement Industry 4.0.


Here at SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK, more than 400 people are committed to exceed our clients‘ demands. They work in our offices as well as in our workshops which are located in eight subsidiaries on three continents.


Together with Ljungström, SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK forms part of the ARVOS Group. Both companies have been trendsetters in the industry for 100 years and have continuously shaped the industry with their innovations.


With high-performing products and profound expertise, the ARVOS Group supports its customers in growing their businesses while simultaneously contributing sustainably to environmental protection through enhanced energy efficiency.


Combining innovation and dedication to excellence, the ARVOS Group will continuously enhance its technological leadership to always provide gold-standard solutions for its customers.


What our clients say


"Their superior engineering capabilities, understanding, and expertise always add value to our plant."




"They produce equipment which is out of the ordinary, where usual manufacturers are not taking the challenge."




"Excellent manufacturing, with high quality products, and premium durability."




"It is a fruitful collaboration which always creates a win-win business relation."



"They posses superior engineering capabilities and expertise while still understanding the technical requirements and challenges – even under harshest conditions."



"They are excellent when it comes to extra services such as consulting or ramp-up support."




"The solutions feature proprietary equipment design with unique benefits which makes them outstanding in the industry."


"They are simply the best in terms of flexibility of design."

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Exceptional Heat Transfer Soltutions by SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK

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