Downstream of the carbon black reactor in which the quench process takes place, the SCHACK® Quench Boiler is directly positioned within the production process.

The main function is to generate high-pressure steam by cooling down process gas from 1,400° C to 1,000° C (2,552° F to 1,832° F). The cooling temperature window is adjusted to the inlet temperature of the air preheater connected downstream.

Double Tube & Oval Header Technology Platform


  • The system is able to compensate for uneven gas flow distribution, leading to optimized heat recovery results.
  • Mechanical and thermal stresses are reduced by thin-walled oval headers which thereby protect the magnetite layer on the cooling tubes to ensure operational longevity.
  • High cooling water flow velocities ensure maximum cooling of the gas contacted surface and ensure the removal and transport of particles.
  • Aerodynamically optimized funnel shaped tube inlets together with intensively cooled oval headers provide the best possible protection against tube inlet erosion and formation of gas side deposits.
  • Tried and tested design principle for more than 60 years with many plants operating for over 20 years without one single failure. This results in low maintenance efforts.

Your Benefits

  • Based on the proven Double Tube & Oval Header technology platform
  • Flexibility of the headers compensates thermal tube stresses
  • Protecting the magnetite layer by low thermal and mechanical stress
  • Long service life


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