"Our average is the extreme:


Extreme pressures, extreme temperatures.

We develop exceptional technologies to fulfil exceptional demands."



Karsten Stückrath
President & CEO


SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK excels when it comes to developing, manufacturing and maintaining heat transfer solutions for the chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, and refining industries. We turn our centennial experience into reliable innovative products for the most sophisticated individual demands.

No limits. Just challenges.
No borders. Just new horizons.
No disruptive technologies. Just smart sustainable evolution. 1 to 1.


With more than 20 thousand square metres of fully equipped indoor workshop facilities, the premises in Kassel (Germany) create the backbone of SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK production. Besides this head office, additional branch offices are located in Düsseldorf (Germany), Wexford (Pennsylvania, USA) and in Kobe (Japan).


In more than 230 thousand in-house production hours we produce individual heat transfer solutions to the highest standards. For on-site support, we guarantee our level of quality by our own experienced employees. In case of external manufacturing, we can rely on our strong and highly qualified international partner network, which is able to meet our and our customer's ambitious expectations.


A network of 400 highly skilled colleagues connected by eight hubs all over the globe is keen to meet your challenges. Set us your task!


Reliable. Speedy. Exceptional.
Designed to achieve unmatched availability.


Our engineers’ first priority is user safety. That is then closely followed by optimizing the return on invest. Only an operating plant is a good plant.


The aims of our engineers are:

  • Minimize downtimes
  • Maximize availability
  • Simplify and accelerate potential maintenance and repairs
  • Extend operational service life and be there in case our support is needed.


We know our clients’ pain points and we do everything to make them feel more comfortable.

Relying on solutions developed and crafted by SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK is a safe bet when considering quality and reliability.


Do you know the true meaning of family? It is a community of completely different personalities, sharing roots, values and genes.


We cannot deny our ancestry. This may sound boring and not particularly likeable. Still, we like where we come from.


Some call it smugness. Some call it fussiness. Some call it profoundness.
We call it German engineering. We care about each and every detail when it comes to heat transfer solutions.

We are obsessed by the ambition to be able to even exceed our client’s requirements. We engineer with highly sophisticated tools in order to conceive and calculate every possible aspect to provide a lasting solution.
Calculations are performed and inspected in-house by our own specialists.


Utilizing the most advanced manufacturing technologies, which are executed by highly skilled and annually certified staff, enables us to ensure that every detail is put into action.

Welding of heat resistant high chromium steels or high nickel alloys is performed to increase the product quality.


In addition, designated work is accomplished as automatized, for example by welding robots, orbital welding machines. Tandem narrow gap submerged arc welding is also used to create reliable units.


The use of state-of-the-art quality testing machinery is another key point for achieving to highest standards. It also complies with all national standards and specific customer requirements – everything you would expect from a product labelled as “Made in Germany” – boringly reliable.


Quality is very much linked to the ideal of German engineering. Yes, we have a little quirk for quality.

For us, quality always starts with the first customer pitch. It is in the way we listen to your demands and the way we transfer understanding into our designs. It is in the way we continuously rethink, reinvent and rework our products in order to support our customers with the best possible product for their requirements.

It is in the way we respect your demand for profitability and pursue your goals. It is in the way we handle your project. It is in every thought and idea that we invest for your process.

It is in the neatness of our workshops. It is in how we select material. It is in each and every weld seam. It is in the way we treat our suppliers. It is the way we deal with challenges, with our staff and with resources.

This idea of quality is deeply embedded in everyone who works for SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK.


Complying with the national standards for Quality Management, Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety Management is self explanatory for us.

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