SCHACK® Process Gas Coolers are our heat transfer solution for mono and dual pressure nitric acid production plants.


Our highly sophisticated SCHACK® Process Gas Coolers are globally unrivaled in size and resilience. SCHMITDSCHE SCHACK develops and puts into service reliable, maintainable heat transfer solutions for catalyst cooling and heat recovery to ensure optimized plant efficiency.



Depending on the specific plant parameters, the fitting heat transfer systems for nitric acid plants to evaporate water, produce superheated steam and enable tail gas preheating are applied.


Our Waste Heat Boilers are equipped with a burner hood and catalyst basket. Additional equipment such as economizer, steam drum and piping complete the superior solution offering from SCHMITDSCHE SCHACK.

SCHACK® Forced Circulation Boiler

Challenging and sophisticated requirements need individual and proven solutions. We apply our SCHACK® Forced Circulation Waste Heat Boiler for dedicated nitric acid processes.


This type is also called La Mont Boiler.


Your Benefits

  • Flat coil heating surface elements enable a compact single vessel design.

  • Externally positioned, accessible evaporator header.

  • Complete heating surface removal.

  • Low gas side pressure drop.

  • Low start-up steam quantity required due to evaporator protective coils.

  • Control evaporator (temperature control).

  • Cooled support structure for catalyst basket.

SCHACK® Natural Circulation Boiler

In the SCHACK® Natural Circulation Waste Heat Boiler, parallel fire tube bundles are arranged in the lower part of the boiler, which thereby function as an evaporator. In the upper part, tube coils are arranged to produce superheated steam.







Your Benefits


  • Flexible tube sheet resulting in lower stresses for tubes and welds which leads to enhanced lifetime and easier replacement of tubes when required.
  • Patented tube sheet cooling (injector).
  • Gap free welding prevents crevice corrosion.
  • Specially designed ferrules for maximized lifetime.
  • No circulation pumps required,resulting in enhanced reliability.
  • Very good maintenance possibilities.

SCHACK® Combined Circulation Boiler

Special requirements demand special solutions. The combination of fire tube and water tube technology in one device creates to the SCHACK® Combined Circulation Waste Heat Boiler. Combining the advantages of both designs and providing additional benefits.




Your Benefits


  • Easier inspection possibility
  • Smaller pumps required to enable the forced circulation
  • Compact design
  • No high steel structure is required

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