SCHACK® Fired Heaters are designed to fulfil even the highest demands of our clients. Solutions have to be resistant in the challenging environment of chemical and petrochemical plants. Very high temperatures, aggressive media and constant outlet temperatures as well as even und varying load conditions, just to name a few.


Our customized fired heater solutions are based on specific design features, to constantly counter these challenges. Unique requirements need unique designs. Our proprietary SCHACK® Fired Heater design is the answer for even the most specific and challenging applications.

As a result, operators of plants equipped with SCHACK® Fired Heaters can settle back. Reliability? Enhanced to the maximum!

Designed for Your Individual Requirements

SCHACK® Fired Heaters

Fired heaters are essential and important major pieces of equipment in a process plant. SCHACK® Fired Heaters are designed exactly for your individual requirements, resulting in a safe, efficient and highly reliable heater design. This leads to an optimization in operating costs and fewer operational issues.


Your Benefits:

  • Customized SCHACK® design to fulfill challenging and individual requirements
  • Modular design and maximum extend of prefabrication
  • Heating temperatures of up to 960 °C (1,760 °F) and pressures up to 140 bar
  • Flexible to a variety of processes, applications and challenging media (e.g. O2, H2)
  • Heating efficiencies >90 % for optimized long term plant economics

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