Thermal Oil Heaters can be used in sludge incineration processes for auxiliary building heat or to act as the heating source for dryers as well as for an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). These units can either be serpentine tube or fire tube designs.

The serpentine design boilers are fitted with online cleaning devices, while the fire tube versions act as a self-cleaning design.

SCHACK® Thermal Oil Heater

When the Thermal Oil Heater is designed as part of an ORC and combined with a turbine, the heated oil converts the thermal energy to electricity. Although not as efficient as steam based systems, ORC’s can be an attractive alternative, particularly because their operating pressures are lower and operating costs can be reduced.


Your Benefits

  • Waste heat recovery for plant heat, power generation, or other process requirement
  • Proven resistance to erosive attack
  • Handling of high particle laden gases
  • Low tendency of fouling
  • Modular construction


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