Culture of Prevention

Kassel, Germany, 27.09.2021

The BGHM (Liability Insurance Association for Wood and Metal) awards the "Clever Fox - Culture of Prevention" Prize to SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK

We are delighted to receive the "Clever Fox - Culture of Prevention" Prize for work safety, outstanding health management focused on future-oriented prevention culture.

“Safety at work is a constant process in which existing processes and approached will be developed and improved” further, stated M. Gallei, EHS manager at SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK. “Good environmental and safety measures having an effect at all levels starting from our newcomer trainees up to the different level of our management” added Mr. Gallei.

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK Health Circle consisting of Work Health and Safety Experts and members of the Works Council develops, continuously new ideas and processes which have been successfully implemented over the years. "We are particularly proud of the fantastic cooperation between our teams," mentioned Karsten Stückrath, CEO & President at SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK.

Offering training courses, for example on soft skills, stress management and physical training, and continuous training for management and employers belong to the basic foundation of our activities. The goal of health management is to bring all parties together. Here, this was not difficult as both Management and Works Council promoted this topic right from the beginning, mentioned Isabel Rode, Human Resources Manager and Works Council member Markus Menger.

In close cooperation with the health insurance companies Viactiv and AOK Hessen, SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK health management was introduced in 2019 and has become an integral part of the company's organisation.

Receiving this award was a teamwork of our Health Circle member as well as all involved colleagues. We would like to thank you for their great commitment.