Sharing values constitutes a company mindset. In the coordinate system of our values, people are always right in the centre:
Not just partners and clients but also our staff and their families.


Around these people, excellence, passion, progress and efficiency are grouped as guiding principles of high priority.


Above all, sustainability serves as a kind of superstructure. Sustainable excellence. Sustainable progress. Sustainable profitability. Sustainable interaction with people and – of course – with nature.


We always put people first

We believe in the power of people, the energy from their different cultures, their personal commitment, their inspiring relationships and their very personal value.
This is why people are at the heart of our company’s activities.


Everything we do, we do for the benefit of people – the ones who invest in our products, the ones who work with our products, the ones who cooperate with us, the ones who are employed by us as well as their loved ones.


Satisfaction promotes motivation, promotes performance, promotes additional satisfaction.


We strive for efficient solutions for everyone’s benefit.


We strive to increase efficiency by optimizing processes, partnerships, technologies as well as our products.

Our clients always have to benefit from this high effectiveness as well. We always aim at growing profitable, together with all our stakeholders.

However, we never just pursue profitability at the expense of safety or excellence.


We are motivated by extraordinary challenges

Excellence is our attitude. Mistakes may endanger human lives in our senstive business. Downtimes imply millions of dollars lost every day. That is why we always put quality first at all levels of our organization.


One example: In order to deliver excellent premium products, our welders have to pass a test which is probably the most demanding one worldwide.


We transform expertise into innovation

In times of transition, we all require reliable partners. Farsighted. Open-minded. Always inventive.

As a global leader, we have been consistently in progress, performance and partnership since 1910.


Many pioneering innovations have been originated from the heads of our leading engineers. Progress is our heritage. We carry it further with pride and passion.


We treasure tomorrow

Everything we do is thought through to last. We strive for sustainable progress, sustainable excellence, sustainable profitability, sustainable passion and sustainable treatment of people and – of course – nature.


We fuel the circular economy. In a first of its kind plant in Nevada, USA, our solutions now contribute to converting household garbage into synthetic jet fuel which has an 80% reduced carbon footprint compared to the conventional kerosene.


Aiming at protecting our environment is deeply rooted in our history. Saving resources by reusing energy was the initial idea of our founders.

Up to today, we have always pursued this aim by constantly developing and refining technology in order to recover energy and reuse it.


We are motivated by extraordinary challenges

Our average is the extreme: highest pressure, maximum temperature.

We develop outstanding technologies to fulfil the most exceptional demands with reliable solutions. 


This passion for the exceptional is what drives us on. We always want to push the limits of what seems to be impossible.


Our corporate pride is the ability to provide custom made solutions for process gases at very high temperatures of up to 1,500 °C and high pressures of up to 300 bar. With this excelling expertise, we thereby set the benchmark on a global level.

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