Sustainable out of Conviction

Our Heritage

Aiming at protecting our environment is deeply rooted in our history. For more than 110 years we are saving resources and increasing efficiency by reliably transferring and reusing energy. That was the initial idea of our founders.


Up to today, we have always pursued this aim by constantly developing and refining technology in order to recover energy and reuse it.


Right from the very beginning, we have been convinced that it is not enough to just develop innovative technologies for efficient energy transfer. It is also important how these are produced. This is why the objective of holistic sustainability in all areas of the company is at the center of our corporate strategy.

Sustainable Products

We make something good and useful out of energy streams originating from basic materials production conversion processes that nowadays are predominately fed from fossil fuels. Also, the application of “greener” and “circular” or “carbon low” technologies are gaining significant importance globally.

The world today continues to require products which still come from fossil-based processes but wants them to be supplied in the “greenest” way possible.


That makes SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK products critical to the process, both economically and environmentally. And the more advanced these processes become, the more our products will be needed.

We fuel the circular economy

Every solution we develop, engineer and manufacture centers around recovering energy, reducing emissions and reusing raw materials.

In a first of its kind plant in Nevada, USA, our solutions now contribute to converting household garbage into synthetic aviation fuel (SAF) which has an 80% reduced carbon footprint compared to the conventional aviation fuel.

The approach of integrating household waste into a new value chain opens up many new possibilities. Waste mining or landfill recycling gains in economic efficiency through this new value chain and is seen as a solution to the global waste problem.

Our evolution line® portfolio provides heat recovery solutions for individual needs and ambitious climate protection goals.

Sustainable Engagement

At the UN Summit on Sustainable Development 2015, all member states of the United Nations jointly adopted the 2030 Agenda. It is a joint roadmap for a future characterized by peace and prosperity for people and the planet. At the core of the agenda are the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the areas of environment, economy and social welfare. All participants in society are called upon to help achieve these goals.

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK is strongly committed to this responsibility and can make valuable contributions by efficiently transferring energy values.

EcoVadis Certified

As part of our commitment to our society,

our people and the environment, SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK undergoes a thorough assessment of the

Sustainability practices through EcoVadis, the global standard for sustainability ratings. The EcoVadis rating includes 21 sustainability criteria on four core topics: environment, labor and

Human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.


At our latest rating we received a silver medal, which makes SCHMDITSCHE SCHACK one of the top 5% companies rated by EcoVadis in the manufacture of general-purpose machinery industry.


We put people first

Not only does SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK operate globally, with subsidiaries in 6 countries, our employees enrich our company culture with their own diverse heritages as well. People from over 33 different countries are part of #teamschmidtscheschack.

We believe that all members our team should come as they are - show their diversity - show their individuality - and contribute to everyone's success. 

By harnessing the power of our people, their backgrounds, ideas, energy and expertise we develop their personal and professional progress and create a sustainable work environment as well as a sustainable business. Specifically, this means that our diverse team gives us the advantage to come up with bettter solutions and more innovative products. 

Our Diversity Pledge

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK is one of 4,800 companies who have signed the Diversity Charta (orig. Charta der Vielfalt) and committed ourselves to promoting diversity. As part of this initiative, SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK supports an appreciative and unbiased working environment for everyone. Members of the charta are committed to implement the official six-step-plan for boosting diversity awareness in the organization and sowing the seeds for an inclusive organizational culture.