In fuel-fired industrial heating processes, one of the most effective ways to improve efficiency and productivity is to preheat the combustion air which reaches the burners.

The source of this thermal energy is the exhaust gas flow exiting the process at increased temperatures.
A heat exchanger located in the exhaust duct can extract a large part of the heat energy in the flue gases and then releases it to the incoming combustion air.


Many processes produce soiled or corrosive exhaust gases which clog or attack heat exchangers.
SCHACK® Recuperators are highly resistant to these conditions. So if your process is not clean, then just ask us for all the options. We will even conduct a detailed analysis of the problematic materials in your flue gas flow to find the best solution for your challenge.

We offer expert heat recovery solutions for a variety of applications. Our experienced engineers provide exact thermic design, optimal temperature control, and an in-depth knowledge of corrosion dangers and thermal processes. This ensures an effective and efficient performance in a reliable, long-lasting system.


The designs have been developed for the cooling of dust-laden gases in various processes with temperatures of up to 1,100 °C. Energy is recovered within the heating process of air or process gas for the purpose of saving fuel and increasing yield. Preheat temperatures of 900 °C and higher are possible.

Recuperators play an important part in the absorption and transformation of waste gases coming out from any productive process. Savings in fuel consumption are obtained and also a drastic reduction of emissions to the atmosphere of greenhouse gases.

SCHACK® Flue Tube-Type Recuperator

SCHACK® Flue Tube-Type Recuperator is installed to avoid the gases from reaching the cleaning systems with too high temperatures and at the same time to recover energy from hot flue gases.

Read more about our SCHACK® Flue Tube-Type Recuperator solutions for carbon black processes or sludge incineration processes.


Your Benefits:

  • Handling of high particle loaded gases
  • Low tendency of fouling, leading to higher reliability
  • Solid particle containing gas application
  • Self cleaning design
  • Erosion resistance
  • High gas flow velocities

SCHACK® Double Shell-Type Recuperator

The SCHACK® Double Shell-Type Recuperator consists of two cylinders which are arranged concentrically. In order to transfer the heat, the design of the radiant recuperators must be able to withstand high flue gas inlet temperature. It is suitable for hearth furnaces in the steel industry as well as glass and aluminium furnaces and can also be applied to sludge incineration processes.


Your Benefits:

  • Thermal and mechanical design out of one hand
  • Decrease of fuel consumption by preheating combustion air
  • Two cylinders arranged concentrically
  • Helical fins to extend the heating surface and therefore improve heat transfer
  • Helical arrangement allow a uniform flow
  • Able to handle heavily dust-laden waste gases
  • Standard and customized for individual project and process requirements

SCHACK® Tube Cage-Type Recuperator

The SCHACK® Tube Cage Recuperator is installed in a casing lined with refractory. The inside shell is substituted by a ring arranged tubes cage, where the air circulates and the heat transfer is taking place through radiation.

Therefore, radiation recuperation is possible with SCHACK® Tube Cage-Type Recuperator.





Your Benefits:

  • Consistent distribution of the air leading to a homogeneous temperature of the tubes within the cage
  • Highly reliable material and high temperature resilient heating tubes
  • Easy maintenance due to independent exchange elements from the frame
  • Air header constructed at a fixed point in the tube cage recuperator
  • The tube system can expand towards the top and the bottom
  • SCHACK® Tube Cage-Type Recuperators are able to preheat large quantities to high temperature

SCHACK® Channel-Type Recuperator

The SCHACK® Channel-Type Recuperator has been used extensively worldwide for preheating air as well as various process and waste gas streams. The recuperator recovers heat indirectly from the flue gas and returns it to the combustion source, reducing auxiliary fuel consumption.
Alternately, waste heat may be recovered indirectly by preheating process gas or other gaseous medium, improving overall system efficiency.


Your Benefits:

  • Compact arrangement, no supporting structures needed
  • Suitable for most gaseous media
  • Thermal expansion is self-contained, internal to the casing/ shell
  • Square pitch tube arrangement facilitates cleaning
  • Greater flexibility in air flow arrangements
  • Low pressure drop on heating medium pass
  • Suitable for retrofit of existing stack or plate-type installations

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