SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK engineers have had experience in designing solutions for gasification processes for decades. Depending on the feedstock, the process characteristics, downstream processing and a variety of additional factors, the fitting technology is carefully chosen for our client’s project.


The combination of well-established and innovative reactor and syngas cooler technologies results in the most up to date and economic process solutions. SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK unique SCHMIDT’SCHE® and SCHACK® solutions are applied for small size up to world scale gasification & pyrolysis plants.


For Liquid, Gaseous or Solid Feedstocks

Liquid, gaseous or solid feedstocks are pre-warmed and partially oxidized at high temperatures of up to 1,600 °C (2,912 °F) and pressures of up to 100 bar (1,450 PSI) in a partial oxidation reactor, also referred to as gasifier. We provide detailed engineering and construction for the reactor according to the stated specifications of our clients. The reactors can either be of refractory lined design or equipped with a membrane wall. The hot syngas can be cooled by a radiant and / or convective heat exchanger and / or by a direct quench system, depending on the application. A direct quench system is typically closed-coupled with the reactor.


Your Benefits

  • Primary gasification reactor for solid feedstock
  • Primary partial oxidation reactor for liqid or gaseous feedstock
  • Secondary partial oxidation reactor for dedicated purposes
  • Methane Pyrolysis reactor for turquoise hydrogen production


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