Tackling environmental challenges

Kassel, Germany, 15.03.2021 

Reduce emissions, increase efficiency and save resources with process gas coolers from SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK. 
In order to save resources, it is not only crucial to focus on sustainability in new plants. Especially in existing plants and the revamping of components, process efficiency can be increased, emissions reduced and resources conserved.

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK has therefore developed and manufactured three process gas coolers for one of our customers in South America. The SCHACK® process gas coolers for the nitric acid process that are now to be installed there make a particular contribution to reducing nitrous oxide. Commonly known as "laughing gas", this gas has a high greenhouse potential and contributes significantly to damaging the ozone layer.

With the new SCHACK® process gas coolers for nitric acid plants, secondary N2O abatement is also installed to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas. The modernization can thus not only conserve resources but also reduce the environmental impact of emissions.

More information about our process gas coolers for nitric acid can be found  here.