Moving to a more circular economy

Kassel, Germany, 10.09.2020

No matter how complicated the process and how visionary our customer’s idea SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK has the right solution for you.
As a leading designer and fabricator of process heat transfer solutions, we are a strong partner to the world’s leading engineering companies, contractors and operators in chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical and refining industries. Oriented towards the future, we passionately aim at advancing our expertise in the field of upcycling technologies.

We support you throughout the entire project, from initial process design to installation and commissioning.

Fitting our solutions into brownfield and greenfield plants can get complicated with hundreds of tons on the crane. Every step counts. The installation which must be handled with centimeter precision is carried out responsibly and accurately by our service team on site. Our on-site service experts with their special know-how make sure that our products are installed safely and without any disturbances.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank our client’s execution team as well as our service team for the installation of one of our largest SCHACK syngas coolers into the most modern Waste to Value Gasification Facility in the USA.

At Fulcrum's Sierra BioFuels facility, municipal solid waste (MSW) is gasified to produce a syngas which is processed and converted into a Fischer-Tropsch liquid that is further refined into synthetic jet fuel.

With significant expertise, insight, and best practices SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK has contributed to the success and growth of this renewable fuels program.