Solidarity with our friends, clients and business - Together through tough times!

Kassel, Germany, 27.03.2020

“The corona virus has no nationality and the suffering does not stop at any borders.  Our future does not lie in isolation from each other, but in shared knowledge and efforts. Let us learn from each other, let us bundle our experience, all our knowledge, our creativity and energy worldwide." This is the current statement of Frank-Walter Steinmeier,  Federal President of Germany.

We, as SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK, are committed to solidarity with our friends, clients and business partners worldwide, as we did it in the past.

In these challenging times, our best wishes go to our business partners worldwide, who are strongly affected by #Covid-19. We hope that your employees, colleagues, as well as their families will quickly recover from the crisis and that we will soon be able to continue working together as strong partners.