SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK | ARVOS GmbH digitizes the Transfer Line Exchanger

With Zero.One®, SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK, the world market leader for Transfer Line Exchangers, once again increases the efficiency and functionality in the production of ethylene, a basic material of plastics.



By linking the measured data from sensors positioned at the crucial points of the transfer line exchanger, the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence further optimizes the heart of the complex plants for the production of ethylene from natural gas or crude oil. Necessary maintenance work can be better planned and thus downtime can be reduced and millions of dollars in costs can be saved.

In addition, the plant operators become relieved. Because they can make their decision on maintenance and repair based on data on the state of the equipment, which were collected in real time and qualified by the manufacturer.


Please see article on VDI-website