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CEO-Interview with Karsten Stückrath in AKTIV

Kassel, Germany, 08.06.2021 

Managing Director Karsten Stückrath spoke with HESSENMETALL about the appeal of extremes and sustainable products that have been around for more than 100 years. 
"Dealing with 1,500-degree gas and extreme pressure is kind of our specialty." says our CEO Karsten Stückrath in the CEO interview of the magazine "AKTIV" of the employers' association HESSENMETALL.

In the interview, our CEO discusses the unique features of SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK's products, the outstanding successes we have been able to celebrate, and the strategies that are necessary to maintain our pioneering role in the future.

In the article, you will also learn about SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK's unique position to continue developing groundbreaking technology with over 100 years of experience. Discover how SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK is contributing its experience and expertise to make processes more sustainable and support the shift to a green economy.

And how we make our equipment smart to give our customers even more accurate insights into their processes. 

You can find the full interview (only available in German) here.