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ARVOS GmbH | SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK participated in the EMET Conference 2019 in Bahrain

EMET is a major event for ethylene process technology and plant operation in the region and beyond. From February 13th to 14th the bi-annual conference attracted more than 300 participants listening to over 30 technical papers about "Enhancing Competitiveness through Energy Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness, Asset Reliability and Human Capital".


In the session “Advantage of Digitalization and Big Data” Mr. Bruno Buelow, Sales Lead of ethylene and gasification and Julia Moeller, Director Zero.One, our Sales team presented “Listen to your Heat Exchanger”. The cryptic term stands for nothing less than the latest innovation by ARVOS GmbH | SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK named Zero.One®, our answer for  the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


This algorithm-based prediction system analyses the current status and performance. In comparison with historical and design data it detects maintenance issues well ahead of time and gives recommended actions.

Maintenance work can be properly prepared, material and expert personnel will be available at site in advance, the downtime of an ethylene plant can be drastically shortened and thus productivity of the plant increased.


Naturally Mr. Buelow´s presentation was a success and quite some listeners met after the session to ask questions and discuss the details of applying the innovative Zero.One® System in their plants.


The 3rd edition of Ethylene Middle East Technology Conference – EMET 2019 was a success, for the organizer as well as all participants.


For sure we´ll meet again in 2021 at the next EMET.